Security Maintenance


To ensure your security system is operating at the optimum level at all times, the system will need regular maintenance Xenon’s own expert engineering team. We will work with you to identify the most suitable schedule based on the technology you have installed and will support our maintenance with same day certification and verification of the work carried out on your behalf.

What is involved?

When maintaining your security system, our team will inspect individual components, ensure the technology is operating to the highest standards, the latest versions of software installed, ensure camera’s and intercoms are delivery communications of the utmost clarity and ascertain that the hardware such as gates, barriers, access systems, cameras, sensors and detectors are all operating without any impediment.

Why do you need Security Maintenance?

Like any piece of equipment with moving parts and technology, be that your car or your security system, to ensure it runs smoothly, doesn’t incur unnecessary costs and can be relied upon at all time, it will need maintenance at regular intervals.                    

Security Maintenance Certification

A key element of your compliance with the building, security, safety, and insurance regulations applicable your business sector is the provision of certification from an authorized supplier, installer and maintenance expert of security services and technology.

At Xenon, each member of our team is officially qualified with both the manufactures accreditations in the design of all the electronic systems we offer, and also in the area of expertise in which each person works.

Our company Xenon is a registered SAFE Electric Registered Electrical Contractor, only employing qualified, certified electricians and as a company, Xenon is a EN50131-1:2006 certified company.



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