Intercom systems enable direct communications with visitors to a building, assisting in the control of access to any premises or building. Xenon offer a range of single user systems such as those used at secure reception areas to large multiuser systems typically found in residential complexes.

Here at Xenon we offer a complete range of intercoms including vandal resistant and video enabled systems all of which can be integrated with Access Control and Automated Gate Systems.

Video Intercom

Being able to control your points of entry securely is your first line of defense in terms of securely managing and controlling who gains access to your premises or building.  Among our range of intercoms, we offer a variety of video intercoms, serving single or multi users and designed for use on different sites.

With the combination of voice and video, our intercoms ensure intelligible communication via a high definition solution with active noise reduction & echo cancellation.  Our video intercom systems are designed to be flexible, easily integrated with your existing access control systems and can grow and adapt as your business / premises does.

Large Residential Intercom

Large residential sites, apartment complexes and gated communities have a need for intercom systems designed specifically for multiple users, installation at several different points of entry and integration with the existing or planned communal exit and entry points such as main gates, car parks and shared front doors.

Given the increased vehicular and foot traffic experienced on large residential sites, the intercom systems that are installed by our team here in Xenon, are designed to endure frequent use, attempted vandalism, fluctuating weather and dusty/ dirty environments such as underground car parks.

Certified to the Highest Level

Xenon is a SAFE Electric Registered Electrical Contractor and only employ a team of qualified, certified knowledgeable electricians.  This enables us to provide a service that crosses between the electronic systems and electrical services disciplines with ease.

Each member of our team is officially qualified with both the manufactures accreditations in the design of all the electronic systems we offer, and also in the area of expertise in which each person works.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland operates a certification scheme based on Irish Standard IS EN50131-1:2006, “Alarm Systems – Intrusion Systems”, under which companies like ours, who apply for certification are assessed by NSAI Inspectors, and have their operations and procedures evaluated.  A number of their alarm installations are inspected and compared with the requirements of I.S. EN 50131-1:2006.

All certified installers are required to issue a NSAI Completion Certificate with each installation. The original is given to the client with a copy to be given to the insurer of the premises. If the installation is a monitored one, another copy goes to the nominated monitoring centre, and is used to enable the Garda Siochána to offer a response to activations of the system. As certified installers are required to install only certified systems, all clients are entitled to receive a Completion Certificate.

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