Gate and barrier control and security systems play a vital role in the security at access points to buildings, large facilities and sensitive sites with the additional benefit of personalizing access levels to restricted areas.  Our gate and barrier systems are designed to offer an unmanned solution for your business which can also be supported by the physical presence of members of your own team.

Options Available

The nature of the business at your site or premises, the volume of vehicular and people traffic and number of access and egress points, will all play a critical element in the design consideration for your gate and barrier access requirements.

In most situations, a site will have requirements for different levels of security and its own set of unique complexities.  For this reason, we will consider a combination of gate and barrier access options which will include technologies such as:

  • Pin-code and proximity fob readers
  • Advanced biometric fingerprint and retina scanning
  • Vehicle recognition
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities

Ultimately, your bespoke gate and barrier access systems will ensure your can successfully and securely manage your own access control systems, implement the required permission based access and will comply with your requirements for auditing, reports, analytics, and regulatory compliance data – all of which will enable you safely control and oversee movements to and from your site.


Our team of installation engineers offer outstanding expertise in the installation of sophisticated security systems, including gate and barrier access control systems.  They operate with speed and accuracy, ensuring that the impact on your business during installation is minimal.  Once installed, our engineers will thoroughly test your new entry/egress system and then work with you to ensure you can self-manage after they leave.

Maintenance & Monitoring

The key to the ongoing smooth operations of your gate and barrier access solutions is in our continuing commitment to you, and your business.  Via an agreed schedule of maintenance reviews and assessments, our team at Xenon will ensure that your technology continues to operate to the optimal level at all times.  With our capability to remotely monitor your gate and barrier technology, our engineering team can react with speed to any unexpected faults or alarms, ensuring the security of your site is never compromised at your points of entry or exit.



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