Access Control


Electronic Access Control systems provides an effective method of securing access to buildings and controlling access to restricted areas. Access Control systems also enables building management to track user access and tailor access permissions as required.

At Xenon, we offer a range of access control solutions ranging from standalone single door entry control systems to large multi-site enterprise solutions.


Access Control technology ranges from simple pin-code and proximity fob readers to advanced biometric fingerprint and retina scanning, vehicle recognition and sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities.  Our expert team will assist you in designing and installing suitable Access Control systems based on your requirements and security risks.

As with all our projects, the key to the success of your Electronic Access Control system is in the bespoke design.  Our design, project management and installation teams all work very closely from the outset which guaranteeing you an unrivaled service and a state-of-the-art access control system.

Given our knowledge and expertise in the field of Electronic Access Control, we will work with you to identify what you need to achieve and will design a system with that specifically in mind. Main areas of consideration will include:

Appropriate Access control system – Controlled area – Access point – Access point hardware – Access level / Permission based access.

The level of security demanded by any site will strongly influence the technology deployed.


Successful installation of your access control ends with the final testing / commissioning of your system.

Depending on the level of your implementation, you might have a requirement for auditing, reports, analytics, and regulatory compliance data.  After our installation we will work with you and your team to ensure you fully understand the systems capabilities and uses and can manage it internally as required.

Maintenance & Monitoring

Our advanced remote monitoring, combined with ongoing maintenance (the routine servicing of your system at agreed intervals) and the emergency servicing of your system in response to any faults will ensure that you will always be operating a reliable, fully functional, secure access control system within your company / premises.

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