Nurse Call



Whether you are seeking nurse call systems for your nursing home, medical practice or hospital, Xenon can assist with our range of systems designed to enable swift response to medical emergencies.  Nurse Call systems are a critical element of the life safety system in situations where patients are vulnerable or mobility impaired.


We design our nurse call systems to ensure that whether they are being used in smaller more intimate facilities such as a nursing home or in larger medical centres and hospitals, that they are tailor-made to your needs. Every installation will have its own challenges and requirements.  Our wired and wireless systems enable staff to react with speed, identify the source of the alarm immediately and can be integrated with your existing life safety systems, audit trails and reporting requirements.

Xenon offer an extensive range of nurse call products which include indicator panels disabled refuge alarms, ceiling pulls, wall-mounted call points, monitoring points and a range wireless alarms, with and without video capabilities.

The ideal combination of solutions is identified further to a detailed review of your premises by our engineering and project teams and in response to your operational requirements.


Given the sensitive nature of the sites at which we install our Nurse Call technology, our team of engineers are fully trained in the required health and safety protocols, ensuring that their time on site does not impact on the operations of the facility,  and that they don’t pose any health risks to employees, patients of visitors.  In line with your requirements, we will comply with the need for PPE applicable to the sites we attend.

Further to our installation, we will fully test the system ensuring that it can be immediately relied upon and that the appropriate personnel are fully trained in system use and management.


HIQA compliance is at the heart of our work with any medical facility and as such Xenon operate a comprehensive practice of maintenance, testing and compliance. With our same day electronic reporting, you can rest assured that you are operating to the highest of standards with the peace of mind that you are compliant and prepared for a successful audit or review as necessary.

PAT Testing



Irish Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations require that electrical appliances to ensure the safety and welfare of both employees and customers and visitors to the site. PAT Testing involves periodic inspection of portable electrical equipment by a competent electrician to ensure that devices are safe and without risk of  electric shock or worse, causing a fire.

PAT testing includes a visual inspection of portable electrical devices including cables and plugs, followed by specialist electronic testing to ensure the integrity of the appliance insulation. A detailed electronic report and certificate of conformance is providing following completion of PAT testing.

What is involved?

Our team of SAFE registered Electricians will complete an in depth survey of your commercial premises, creating a full inventory of relevant electrical equipment. Each appliance will be testing in accordance with it’s requirements to ensure it meets the electrical standards required and that they match those at the time of manufacture.

A concise record of all tests are then created which will include mapping and labelling of every appliance. Submit each portable appliance to the appropriate sequence of tests.

Does PAT Testing apply to your business?

As the owner, manager or occupier of place of work or residential complex, you are legally required under the Irish Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Applications) Regulations to ensure that PAT testing is carried out throughout your premises.


The onus to carry out PAT Testing is on owner / employer who bears full responsibility. To comply with HSA regulations, records must be kept for at least five years for random spot checks carried out by the HSA.  The frequency of inspection depends on the type, nature and work environment of the equipment and our team of certified Electricians in Xenon can advise you with regard to your own needs and obligations.

Electrical Testing & Verification



Electrical Testing and verification is the Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations.  A building’s electrical installation can deteriorate with age and usage creating potentially lethal risks of electrocution and fire. Due to the risk that this creates for a building’s users; the 2007 Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Regulations requires that a building’s electric systems be inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

What is involved?

A Periodic Inspection of a building’s electrical services installation involves a rigorous test and inspection of the installation to ensure that it is safe, and meets standards set out by ET101:2008 National Rules for Electrical Installations in Ireland. Periodic Inspections are carried out by Xenon’s team of competent and experienced Electricians, who have completed the required Safe Electric Qualified Certifier training.

Our team of electricians will provide certification following a successful visual inspection of your electrical installations and where necessary, identify faults.

Using required instruments, they will test the electrical system verifying safety within the system in accordance with ET101 and subject to a successful outcome, issue you with the required QC number.

Does Electrical Testing and Verification Testing apply to your business?

As with PAT testing, Electrical Testing and Verification is a legal obligation of the owner, manager or occupier of a place of work or the public areas of your residential complex.

Electronic Security Systems (ESS) Maintenance

Electronic Security Systems


The ongoing performance and reliability of your Electronic Security Systems relies on regular maintenance schedules to ensure the optimal functionality of your hardware such as cameras, gates and barriers, intercom systems, smoke, fire, heat, water and dust detection units, coupled with the assurance that your operating systems are using the most recent updates in software.

Frequency of Inspection

Over time, with the impact of the environment in which your Security Systems are installed and their use, they will need to be maintained and inspected at scheduled intervals. This is a vital element of their operational success and maintaining the lifetime of the equipment.

Camera’s must always offer a clear picture, access points offer seamless entry and exit whilst maintaining the required levels of security.  Maintenance of your security equipment is as important as the equipment itself and should become a important function in the operation of your business.


Xenon operate a comprehensive practice of maintenance, testing and compliance of all our installations. Our provision of same day electronic reporting enables you to operate to the highest of standards, including HIQA, HSA, Irish Standard IS3218:2013, ISO, IP65 and APEX Rating guaranteeing that any electronic security, life safety and building technology supplied and maintained by Xenon will always ensure compliance and functionality of optimum levels.