Fire Detection & Alarm Systems (FDAS) provide protection for buildings and their occupants from the risks of smoke and fire. As FDAS are critical life safety system they require ongoing testing and maintenance to ensure effective and reliable operation.

Irish Standard IS3218:2013 provides legislation and technical guidance in relation to Fire Alarm maintenance requirements stating: “The Responsible Person shall ensure in accordance with statutory requirements that a FDAS is inspected, maintained and serviced by a Competent Person in accordance with this Standard.”

Xenon’s expert team of qualified engineers are experienced in testing and maintaining FDAS to meet these standards, providing same day electronic reports and certification to meet IS3218 requirements.

How often should Fire Alarms be Serviced and Tested?

Servicing and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems should be carried out at least four times per year by a competent person.

For non-residential buildings with a total of 20 or less detection devices or call points the Fire Alarm system should be serviced and tested at least two times each year.

What is involved in Fire Alarm Servicing?

We have listed below some of the main checks you can expect our team of trained and competent engineers to carry out on your behalf during fire alarm servicing and testing.

Visual Inspection: A visual inspection is carried out to as far as reasonably       practicable to confirm that.

Fire Detection Devices: Fire Alarm smoke and heat detectors are checked for correct operation. 100% of the detection devices should be checked over an annual maintenance period.

Manual Call Points: Each Manual Call Points should be checked for correct operation.

Batteries: The condition and service life of batteries is checked to ensure that they are in date and good working order.

Fire Alarm Log Book: All Fire Alarm incidents should be recorded in an appropriate Logbook. This is necessary to help detect faults and recurring issues that could affect the effective operation of the Fire Alarm System.

Reporting & Certification

A key element of your compliance with the building, security, safety, and insurance regulations applicable your business sector is the provision of certification from an authorized supplier, installer and maintenance expert of fire safety and life saving systems.

At Xenon, each member of our team is officially qualified with both the manufactures accreditations in the design of all the electronic systems we offer, and in the area of expertise in which each person works.

Our company Xenon is a registered SAFE Electric Registered Electrical Contractor, only employing qualified, certified electricians and as a company, Xenon is a EN50131-1:2006 certified company and works to the IS3218 standards.



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