Xenon’s goal is to use technology to make buildings smarter, safer and more secure.

We use our expert knowledge and experience to design, install and provide support services for a variety of advanced electronic security, life safety and building technologies.  


Solutions Minded

We strive to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

Technical Expertise

We work hard to make technology simple for our customers.

Going The Extra Mile

We go above and beyond to help our valued customers and colleagues.

Family Values

We take pride in being a family run business and working together like brothers and sisters.


Our expert design team have extensive engineering knowledge and experience in the design of bespoke integrated security, life safety and IT solutions.

Our engineering methodology includes a risk assessment and operational requirements analysis as standard after which we carefully specify the most suitable technology solutions. This is evident in the complete design specifications including AutoCAD design drawings that we provide for each system designed.

Our team aims to optimize systems design to deliver operational efficiency and efficiency to our customers.

Each member of our team is officially qualified with both the manufactures accreditations in the design of all the electronic systems we offer, and also in the area of expertise in which each person works. This is further supported by our commitment to their continual professional development through ongoing training to ensure that we deliver expert competency and maintain the highest standard of knowledge of the continuous technological developments within our industry.

Project Management & Installation

Experience is the backbone of our company and is one of the reasons for our successful and efficient delivery of our projects. It is also the reason for the successful, long term relationships that we develop with our clients.

Our Project Management team ensure that quality installations are completed in a precise and efficient manner meeting your budget and program.

They work in tandem with our skilled installation team and between them have successfully completed hundreds of installations in a wide variety of building types throughout Ireland.

Health & Safety

As a SAFE Electric Registered Electrical Contractor, we are proud of our team of employing a team of qualified, certified knowledgeable electricians.  This enables us to provide a service that crosses between the electronic systems and electrical services disciplines skillfully.


The quality that we deliver is guaranteed by a combination of our skilled workforce, our commissioning and the compliant certification we deliver with each project.

Maintenance / Monitoring

Due to the critical life safety, security and operational importance of the electronic systems installed in customers buildings, it is important that they are correctly maintained to ensure effective and reliable operation.

You can rely on us to ensure that any of the systems installed by Xenon will be maintained to ensure regulatory compliance.

Remote Monitoring

In most scenarios, we would utilize a GSM transceiver to enable communication signals to be sent between the Intruder Alarm System and the Alarm Response Centre which is manned 24/7.  This is required to monitor Intruder Alarm activations and to ensure the intruder alarm system health. This style of monitoring is supported by our on-call engineers who will respond with urgency to any faults or failures on the system.



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