Retail & Commercial


Retail and commercial properties experience an ongoing tide of footfall during both open and closed hours (delivery, stock management, hygiene etc). Our experience in this sector enables us to create a bespoke package of security and safety solutions that ideally match the operation of your business.


The installation of both on-site and remote CCTV ensures that you can monitor the security of your business at a local level, within your premises and in a remote capacity via our 24/7 monitoring.  Not only does the presence of CCTV act as a deterrent to unwanted visitors to your site, it enables you manage and mitigate the damage and loss of theft and unauthorized access.

Further to our detailed site security assessment, we will install a solution that is designed to minimize the instances of security breaches and supports your life safety systems including fire protection.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring offers you the immediate and obvious cost benefit of a physical security presence. Via our 24/7 remote monitoring centre, we will always have eyes on every aspect of your business. Our remote security installations are further supported by the presence of our on-call engineers, who will response with urgency to any faults or failures identified within your network.

Maintenance, Testing & Compliance

Every installation carried out by Xenon is supported by our 24/7 on-call engineers to deal with any faults and failures. These are minimized by our continual practice of maintenance, testing and compliance of all our technologies on your premises. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your alarms are maintained and certified for use supplying same day electronic reporting in many instances.  Smarter, Safer and More Secure.

Life Safety

Given the pedestrian and vehicular traffic that attend retail and commercial sites around the clock, our comprehensive range life safety systems and solutions include heat, smoke, fire and other toxic gases or exhausts – ensuring that your premises will always remain compliant in terms of your legal obligations and will install a safety first approach to your operations.



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