Xenon work tirelessly to help protect those who need it most through our range of building technology solutions specifically for the healthcare sector, be that a nursing home, medical practice or hospital facility.

Life Safety Systems

Life Safety Systems are a critical aspect of a well-designed and planned nursing home, medical practice and hospital facility’s where patients are vulnerable, and mobility is challenged. For this reason, a well-designed life safety system that forewarns of events such as smoke, fire or power failures enabling the prompt evacuation of the premises before any situation escalates.

Our electronic heat and smoke detectors activate audible alarms and automatically notify the relevant emergency departments.

Coupled with our range of disabled refuge call points and alarms, Xenon will always ensure the safety of those in your care.

Nurse Call

In addition to the vital role that public area alarms play in medical facilities, our nurse call options ensure that that your residents and patients can raise the alarm in case of emergency, enabling an immediate and at times a lifesaving response to critical situations.

Healthcare Security & Safety

Given the vulnerable nature of residents and patients in medical and residential facilities, there will always be a need for stringent security measures, be that the simpler task of monitoring the comings and goings of visitors daily or the implementation of security measures to ensure there is no unauthorized access to the building. Our range of intruder alarms and entry point security technologies will further assist in the safe operation and management of your premises, ensuring patient safety is at the heart of everything you do.

Maintenance, Testing & Compliance

In line with the need for compliance with HIQA, Xenon operate a comprehensive practice of maintenance, testing and compliance of all our installations. Our provision of same day electronic reporting enables you to operate to the highest of standards with the peace of mind that you are compliant and prepared for a successful audit or review as necessary.



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